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Medical Billing

Optimizing Medical Billing Process is the primary focus area for any Healthcare providers offering critical medical care services to ensure sustained, long-term operations. Complex collection process, unexpected reimbursement denials and compliance to HIPAA and other medical standards prove to be a hectic task for healthcare providers


Moreover, all the tasks require 100% accuracy and security to successfully complete a revenue generation cycle. We at Peraxa Healthcare strive to provide effective error-free Medical Billing Services enabling your healthcare business to accelerate the pace of revenue generation, reduce operational expenses and increase the efficiency delivered by the system.


With years of Medical Billing Expertise and certified professional, we at Peraxa Healthcare provide HIPAA compliant Medical Billing Services to healthcare providers across the globe. Healthcare organizations faced improper revenue generation cycle and lose their hard-earned profits due to underpricing, coding errors, non-reimbursed claims and missed charges. 


We aim to completely avoid this type of revenue loss by providing high quality end-to-end medical billing services. We make sure all the claims are properly managed and documented by regular communication with respective insurance companies, hospitals and healthcare providers.

Our Medical Billing Services

We effectively provide and implement the following services medical billing services with high proficiency and excellence