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Improve your revenue cycle to increase cash flow, lower submission time, reduce errors and more. Our HFMA Peer Reviewed® Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) product offers a full suite of solutions and support that help accelerate payment and optimize staff productivity while increasing efficiency in as little as 30 days.

Discover how Peraxa Healthcare RCM technologies can accelerate your revenue cycle. Our intuitive platform helps you get paid faster while maximizing the financial health and productivity of your healthcare organization.

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Turn potential write-offs into cash. Our collections experts will handle all the time-consuming details necessary to work your aging small balance co-pays and low-dollar insurance claims. Achieve your collections goals—like establishing a consistent cash flow or increasing cash on hand to cover expenses—with solutions tailored to meet your organization’s precise needs.



Reduce A/R days up to 24% and increase cash collections by more than 13% without having to hire or train additional staff. We’ll work with you to design a cost-effective solution that expedites every aspect of the A/R process. You’ll increase efficiency without increasing staff AND improve your financial health without changing workflow.

Avoid delayed payments and claim denials. Get it done right the first time with a solution tailored to your specific needs—inpatient, outpatient, ED or any combination. Improve your cash flow with the help of experienced HIM business consultants guaranteed to provide high accuracy and quick turnaround times. Done right the first time frees up your staff for other important tasks.


Improve your odds of getting paid faster. When you provide patients with approximate out-of-pocket expenses prior to service, you’ll maximize point-of-service collections and reduce bad debt, all while improving patient satisfaction. It’s a quick and easy way to avoid surprises, for your staff, your patients and your bottom line.

Get paid for all of the work your healthcare facility does. TruBridge billing teams will review claims that have aged out 30, 60, 90 or more days. We’ll handle all of the time-consuming tasks—calling, refiling, reviewing of the audit history, and more—to get the claim processed and paid. You’ll start seeing overdue payments come in faster, all without overwhelming your staff with busy work.


Get paid faster with this single-source, web-based solution that accepts and normalizes all 835 remittance data into compatible files for consistent electronic posting, regardless of which payer they were sent from. By eliminating manual keying, your staff will save time and effort, reduce posting errors and experience increased efficiency.

Improve cash flow with on-demand eligibility verification. By integrating automated eligibility checking directly into the registration workflow, you’ll get a definitive answer within seconds. Not only will this reduce claim denials and carrier rejection, it also lightens workload and improves customer service.

Accelerate payments and reduce processing time with a single, robust system that results in a 97% first-pass clean claim rate. This automated solution works behind the scenes, identifying what needs to be changed before the claim is submitted. By taking the labor out of this task, your staff has time to work on other projects.

When resources are tight, maintaining cash flow is critical. We’ll work with you, applying our years of experience and deep expertise in healthcare RCM technologies , to chart a course for maximizing revenue and ensuring that all the services you provide translate into real income. Benefit from a fresh perspective and a dedication to seeing your bottom line improve.

Get a handle on denials and speed reimbursement. With this single-system solution, you’ll increase efficiency with cross-departmental workflow management tools that will identify and resolve denied and audited claims. This automated system helps you get paid faster , increase productivity and decrease mindless paper-pushing.

Find out what’s impacting your financial potential — and what to do about it — with this deep audit that results in an actionable plan you can put to work right away. This powerful and objective evaluation assesses all people, products and processes that impact your organization’s revenue cycle. Your problem areas will be revealed along with achievable next steps for strengthening your bottom line.


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Reduce outstanding patient balances along with staff workload. Now you can better prepare patients for scheduled services AND boost your cash flow at the same time. Get more done sooner rather than later, from verifying eligibility to collecting payment upfront. The result is a smoother process, cleaner claims and a healthier bottom line.