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Biosafety Cabinet

Peraxa Biosafety Cabinets are needed for the world we live in today. Peraxa is the Authorized Dealer for Bio-Logical Safety Cabinet through out India, our manufacturing Factory is in The United Kingdom and also we are IN conjunction with a UK based Firm and we can supply all your needs as per your specification as soon as possible. Bio-Logical Cabinets, Laminar Airflow Cabinets, Fume Hoods, Air Showers and Pass Boxes. We use HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter, also known as high-efficiency particulate absorbing filter and high-efficiency particulate arrestance filter, is an efficiency standard of air filters.

What is biosafety cabinet?

A biological safety cabinet provides personnel, product, and environmental protection from hazardous particulates and agents that require biosafety level 1, 2, or 3 containment. The most commonly used biological safety cabinet is Type A2 and Type B2. Yet, biosafety cabinet A2 is more prevalent (about 90%) in use than biosafety cabinet B2.

A biological safety cabinet employs two HEPA filters which provide filtration down to 99.997% efficiency. It is ergonomically designed at a 10° inclination which provides comfort for the working personnel as well as a clear view into the work area. The front sash made from polycarbonate protects the user from harmful UV rays and is manually operated with a counterbalance for optimum operation.

The work area is constructed out of a single piece stainless steel sheet whereas the main body is constructed out of galvanized steel with an abrasive resistant powder-coated finish.

Our leading biosafety cabinet manufacturer company based in India designs and manufactures biosafety cabinets. Our products are ergonomically designed to meet the standards and safety of evaluation for all types of medical research labs and clinical testing laboratories.

A biosafety cabinet provides environmental protection from hazardous particles and contamination in the entire laboratory premises. Each biosafety cabinet is designed to ensure to give you foolproof protection against level 1, level 2, and level 3 of contamination breaches.

Our biological safety cabinet is designed to provide laminar airflow and a continuous airflow being discharged safely out in the atmosphere. The biosafety cabinets are also equipped with HEPA filters to provide clean airflow through the cabinet to prevent dust from air and outside from getting into the cabinet and contaminating inner substances.

Testing and Meeting With Safety Compliance

We are a biosafety cabinet supplier ensuring to test each of our manufactured products. We understand the need for safety in your premises both for your working employees and even for the biological compounds and substances that have to be kept after meeting all the safety compliance.

We rigorously test each of our biosafety cabinets. They undergo testing and certifications in many stages such that they are compliant with regards to the standards and operational safety measures.


We manufacture different types of biosafety cabinets in line with the operational measures in your laboratories while also ensuring the best technology for providing safety.

Our leading biosafety cabinet supplier company sells different categories of biosafety cabinets across industry verticals and industries.

We manufacture and design biosafety cabinet A2, B2, B1, and class III types.

Each one is slightly advanced in its features and properties including the HEPA filters and the dust it can prevent from entering.

Industries Served

We serve various industries. Our leading biological safety cabinet manufacturing company serves different players such as nursing homes, hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, and testing centers, pathological centers, biomedical research labs, clinical testing laboratories, university, and college laboratories.

Meeting Client Specifications

A biosafety cabinet manufacturer based in Bangalore like us always keeps client needs and focuses on priority. We tend to meet client specifications as our team will visit your premises and understand the risks and hazards prone to the use of various biological hazardous substances. We can help you to meet all your specifications in a customized fashion and even help you with regular testing and maintenance of each installed biosafety cabinet.

Peraxa offers widest range of Laminar Air Flow Cabinets , Biological Safety Cabinets, Fume Hoods, Air Showers, and Pass Boxes used systems for the application in the field of Pharmaceutical Industries, Hospitals, Biotechnology, Microbiology and Tissue Culture, Food processing industries, Semi conductor industries and various and other manufacturing applications.