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Medical Coding is the key ingredient for any healthcare facility for successful operation and revenue generation.  A successful business model is something which can generate revenue no matter the type of industry. Accuracy in Medical Coding greatly influences medical billing errors, rejections and claims denials.


The main objective of any healthcare facility with respect to management and revenue generation should be Error-Free Medical Coding. Its not just assigning appropriate codes to respective medical services rendered, rather a detailed knowledge about the medical specialty, EHR and state specific guidelines is required to maximize your revenue.


Peraxa Healthcare provides sophisticated and secured Medical Coding Services with experienced and certified professional coders working round the clock to provide better value add services. Being the number one reason in claims denial being medical coding errors, we understand the importance of error free medical coding practice is the most important process in healthcare revenue cycle management. . Our HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) compliant and AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) certified medical coders promise highest level of accuracy in medical coding to meet your expectations and requirement.



We, Peraxa Healthcare, as a unified team of medical coding professionals maintain the highest standards of integrity while handling your secured information. We promise to follow all industry standards and compliances and provide quality and accurate medical coding services.