Peraxa Healthcare Solutions



As an enterprise Peraxa healthcare is very vigilant about Information security and data safety. We have implemented several processes to ensure network security and data protection.


Our Facilities are manned 24/7 by Security personnel

Bio-Metric and photo ID access for Employees

24/7 CCTV Monitoring

Vistors are not allowed in operation area

No access to cell phones in operations area




NDA ( confidentiality agreement )

Paperless Operations

Access to data/PHI is given only to specifically authorized users

Regular HIPAA Training is provided to all Employees

Secured 256 SSL file transfers

Restricted Access to Internet sites

Firewalls  / Anti-virus Software

Floppy drives, CD Drives & USB ports are disabled on all CPU’s on the floor

Backup polices are defined as per process requirement

Restricted access to internet, e-mails, and printers


Email Access enabled to leadership team and executives to communicate with clients and internal team. Security rules are configured in email server; attachment policy is ensuring denial of unapproved attachment types found in mails and send mail rules are ensuring the access restriction to send mail to personal email domain IDs and other unapproved email domain IDs. Spam filter implemented at mail server to safe guard mail information from malware / virus.