Having successfully worked alongside private medical professionals for over 25 years, we fully understand how demanding and time consuming it can be managing the complexities of your practice’s financial administration.

Our medical billing and collection services provide the ultimate solution – they are designed to deliver best-practice efficiency through secure systems that are linked directly to the UK’s major Insurance Providers, meaning all electronic Invoices are submitted and authorized for payment within mere minutes of being issued.

At PERAXA we fully appreciate the various challenges that medical professionals face in dealing with not just the Insurance Providers, but also self-payers, embassies, solicitors, etc. Our dedicated team has the extensive training and hands-on experience to ensure a highly professional yet sensitive approach to the billing and collections process. We will provide a reliably seamless extension to your practice, effectively adding value at no extra cost. In fact, after year one, our clients view us as an additional profit generator through the vastly improved cash flow we achieve for them.

PERAXA Core Services

1. Medical Billing

A successful practice relies on billing that is completed quickly and accurately. Our advanced and highly secure systems allow Invoices to be submitted electronically and authorised for payment within minutes of being issued. This instant authorisation process ensures that billing is paid promptly, which in turn delivers improved cash flow for your practice. Our streamlined service removes the stress of billing, so that you can concentrate on your patients.

  • Streamlined cash flow
  • Secure electronic invoicing
  • Improved clinical relationship with your patients

2. Bad Medical Debt

It is common for medical consultants to have an element of existing bad debt – this is one of the major reasons why it is extremely beneficial to have a billing partner like us. Using the vast experience within our highly trained team, we consistently deliver impressive collection rates for existing old debt. Our professionally robust yet sensitive processes ensure we achieve a high level of old debt collection. Once partnered with PERAXA, you’ll finally enjoy bad debts of less than 0.5% on all future billing.

  • Easily transfer your existing bad debt.
  • Proven success rates Real-time.
  • comprehensive reporting

3. Medical Billing Collections

Collections are traditionally both challenging and time consuming. MBD’s secure systems, linked directly to the major Insurance Providers so that all electronic Invoices are automatically authorised and paid, make monetary bottlenecks a thing of the past. We understand also that self-payers, embassies and solicitors require dedicated and focused account management. Through professional expertise combined with a respectful approach, the MBD team have an excellent track record on collections – we deliver the significant increase in your net income of up to 25%.

  • Including self payers, insurance companies, embassies
  • Experienced team of highly trained experts
  • Integrated, secure credit control systems