At Peraxa Healthcare provide medical billing services to healthcare practices in both the UK and US markets. When it comes to medical billing, there are distinct differences in the processes and regulations between the two countries, which we are well-versed in.

US Medical Billing

In the US, medical billing is even more complex, with an intricate system of codes and regulations that vary by state and insurance company. Our team is experienced in utilizing the latest technology and training to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations and increase efficiency in claims processing.

UK Medical Billing

In the UK, medical billing involves submitting claims to the National Health Service (NHS) or private insurance companies. The process requires knowledge of the NHS tariff and various codes, as well as compliance with data protection laws. Our team is skilled in navigating these complexities and ensuring claims are submitted accurately and on time.


Whether it’s the UK or the US, Peraxa Healthcare is here to support healthcare practices with their medical billing needs. We understand the nuances of each market and are dedicated to providing our clients with accurate, efficient, and compliant services.